This project, focused on Portugal's North and Center Region (NUTS II), aims to promote training initiatives and encouraging cooperation between traditional and TICE sectors, in order to create and promote access to information and tools for SMEs, and empower organizational innovation, application of new methods and organizational processes, and increasing flexibility and access to the global market.

The project aims to:

  • Promote the adoption of new skills, good practices, concepts and knowledge generated in spaces with strong innovation dynamics, seeking to internalize them and integrate them creatively in the companies' knowledge base. In turn, from the point of view of the impacts of the project, the adoption of these new models with significant technological intensity allows to obtain significant advantages for companies;
  • Promote the valorisation and transfer of technology, the qualification of human resources and the development of new areas of competence, namely, the digitization of industry - Industry 4.0;
  • Guide SMEs, providing them with knowledge, information and tools, for business transformation in order to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0;
  • To encourage innovation in the national economic fabric, through the development of companies and entrepreneurs, making entrepreneurs aware of the importance of digital presence and technological incorporation in business models;
  • To promote the integration of companies in global production chains and in the specialization centers that constitute them, in order to enhance innovation and the internationalization of SMEs;
  • Strengthen cooperation networks, international replication of relationships established with other companies / R&D research centers;
  • Increased profitability, associated with the adoption of technological systems in a productive context, ensuring the possibility of predicting and preventing downtime in production, as well as optimizing maintenance (preventive) and thereby the efficiency of equipment;
  • Promote the national economic fabric in the target markets as a synonym for quality, sophistication and technologically robust;
  • Promote international partnerships (chambers of commerce, research and development centers, business associations, agents, importers, among others);
  • Streamline participation and dissemination processes at national and international level;