The Project

i.4.0 project - Lead the Digital Transformation - aims to encourage the adoption of Industry 4.0 methodologies in Portuguese SMEs, in traditional and technological sectors, promoting benchmarking activities that will lead to digital transformation, increasing competitiveness and value creation.

i4.0 Project File

The project, given its characteristics and foreseen actions, will make it possible to attend to major needs and problems of the national economic fabric, such as:

  • Difficulty of national companies in determining the current stage in the process of digital transformation and maturity, from technological, organizational and emerging perspectives;
  • Need to obtain know-how, technologies and skills that leverage the traditional and ICT sectors in Portugal, in order to increase its competitiveness;
  • Lack of large national players, with critical mass and the capacity to be present in international competitions and to leverage the structure of SMEs;
  • Difficulty of national companies in adopting Industry 4.0;
  • Need to promote the valorization and transfer of technology, the qualification of human resources and the development of new areas of competence, such as the digitalization of the industry.